One last show at Radio Margate


The cafe and bar known as Radio Margate is set to close on 18th May, which is very sad. Aside from being a place that’s asked me back, despite DJing some utterly unlistenable music to a teatime audience on numerous occasions, it’s just a lovely place to be. Things change though, eh? Let’s not get all mopey.

Before the doors shut for good, Chris Salter-Anderson and I will present one last edition of our show In Search Of Space. As ever, I will play a selection of brand new music that I’ve dug out of the internet recently, while Chris will play older stuff and we’ll see how it all fits together. I might dig out some older stuff too. Who knows? I’m still pulling together my playlist. It will all be excellent though, that’s a guarantee. If you disagree that any of the tracks selected are excellent, you will be wrong.

Other than being a mix of old and new music, there are no real rules to our selections. Chris often places some sort of theme on his selections to give himself some sort of focus. Although this time around he’s going for “music that was inspired by drugs or inspires the taking of drugs”, which doesn’t seem like it would narrow things down much.

Themes have started to emerge in the year or so we’ve been doing this though. There’s generally some psycehdelia, a bit of 60s pop, pop-influenced leftfield electronic music, hip hop and rap in various forms, and some jazz. Generally we drift into a section of four-to-the-floor techno at some point, and usually when we’ve settled into a pleasant groove one of us (probably me) will torpedo it with some sort of ear-splitting noise. I’m thinking of keeping things nice this time though. Not only because I haven’t heard any Japanese hardcore punk that’s grabbed my attention lately.

Anyway, the point of this is to request your presence for our final show at Radio Margate (but hopefully not on Radio Margate) this Saturday, 11 May, 2-4pm. You can and should join us in person at the cafe, but those of you challenged by distance or whatever can tune in at

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