The CMU Podcast is back... live!

Back in 2011, my colleague Chris Cooke and I started presenting a weekly, and later monthly podcast discussing the latest news and trends in the music industry. We always had a break over the summer, due to Chris being up in Edinburgh for the whole of August, working on Edinburgh Festival magazine ThreeWeeks. But last summer, the break became one of those 'hiatus' things bands are always going on.

Basically, we wanted to step up the operation a level. That took a little while longer than planned to get in place, but now we're back. Hurrah! And this time we're doing it front of a live studio audience.

Tuesday 24 Jun will see the first of three pilot editions of The CMU Podcast: Live at The Roundhouse in London. I'll host it, and Chris will be there too. But we'll also be joined by three guests, who'll help us talk through the issues of the day.

Next week, we've got CEO of the Music Managers Forum Jon Webster, Cooking Vinyl's Head Of Digital Marketing Sammy Andrews, and co-founder of digital music service Songdrop, Brittney Bean. It's a great panel, and I'm really looking forward to sitting down with them for a chat.

We'll record for an hour, and then put out edited highlights of the discussion as a free podcast afterwards. You can listen to that, of course, but if you want to hear the full show, you'll need to come and join us in person. Plus, of course, your support by buying a ticket will help us to keep doing it.

Find out more about the June event here, and book yourself a ticket here.

And here, to get your started, is a quick preview podcast from Chris and me, recorded in our meeting room one evening (basically what I'm saying is that the Roundhouse one will be better than this).

PS: If you want to watch the England v Costa Rica World Cup game, don't worry, we have it covered. It'll be screened in the bar at The Roundhouse and all done and dusted before we're due to start.