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[Taken from this morning's CMU Daily]Hey there people, welcome to the CMU Daily for this lovely sunny Monday morning (feel free to cross out 'sunny' and 'morning' if neither of these are true wherever it is that you're situated, though we can't be held liable for any Tipp-Ex or permanent marker applied to PC screens). There's a note here at the top of the CMU Daily to let you know about two big developments happened around these parts this week.First, CMU has a brand new editor. Well, not 'brand new', in that it's Andy Malt, who has been working on CMU for eighteen months now. But it's as of today that he does so with the editor hat on. Which is a very fetching hat to wear. If you like mauve. Yes, Andy, who already edits both of CMU's weekly bulletins - the CMU Weekly and Remix Update - will now be heading up all of our editorial operations, including this here Daily bulletin, the most read daily news bulletin in the UK music business.In case you're wondering what this means for me and my fellow former editor Caro - well, we'll still be here, as co-Publishers of all things CMU and co-directors of all things UnLimited Media. I will also continue to have a daily involvement in CMU editorial as Business Editor, continuing to oversee all of our music and media business coverage, including this week's launch of Sky Songs and the latest shenanigans in The Pirate Bay saga. I've also written today's Courtney Love story, though this is a blatant step outside my new remit, and may as yet prove controversial. Caro, by the way, is not giving up her editorial ways; she will be editing a brand new UnLimited service of which we will talk more in a future Daily.A lot has happened here at CMU in the last twelve months, and even more is going to be happening in the next year. Andy has played a key role in these developments, and we're all excited about him expanding his editorial role as we head towards 2010. Andy shares mine and Caro's passion for great new music, our fascination with the way the modern music business works, and our slightly irreverent outlook on the world. Basically, your daily dose of all things music is in safe hands.Talking about more happenings in the next year, that brings us to development number two. We are in the process of 'refreshing', and the refreshed site will slowly emerge this week before going properly live next Monday. Part of that refreshed website is the CMU NewsBlog, which will present all the stories that appear in the CMU Daily in an easy-to-navigate fashion for those who prefer their music news on a website rather than in a daily e-bulletin. The NewsBlog will also make it easier to link directly to CMU stories, and means that for the first time you can subscribe to CMU, or sections of CMU, via RSS. Check the blog at And watch the new site materialise at here ends the big developments. For now. Expect more soon. Meanwhile, let's get on with the CMU Daily. Right now.Chris CookeCo-Publisher, CMU Daily