A couple of podcasts

So, if you like the idea of hearing my voice talking about music business stuff, this is the post for you, because it contains two hours of that. Well, not two continuous hours of me talking, but two hour long podcasts on which I appear.First is the latest edition of the CMU Podcast, which after a bit of a break is back in a new monthly format (actually, the format hasn't really changed, but it is now monthly). My colleague Chris Cooke and I discussed EMI, music festivals, The Pirate Bay and Amanda Palmer. Listen here:[soundcloud url=http://soundcloud.com/cmu/cmu-podcast-27-09-12]Next is the latest edition of the Digital Music trends podcast, which has been through something of a radical format overhaul recently. As a result, as well as hearing my talking, you can also see me scratching my face and stuff when sitting otherwise silent. What fun! Also on the podcast were Wired UK's Duncan Geere and Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Steve Knopper, along with host Andrea Leonelli. Check it out here:[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6NKJH9WHCQ]